Anxiously waiting…

I am so ready for spring. Winter has dulled my senses, leaving me feeling bereft and restless for unknown reasons. I have skimmed pictures of beautiful gardens in full bloom, my nose filling with the imagined glorious scents of nature: fresh-cut grass and grand English roses (my personal favorites). The simple idea of these things take me to my happy place. I can close my eyes and hear the birds happily chirping, and I can even feel a gentle breeze awaken my skin with goosepimples (okay, so that’s probably the air vent I’m sitting beside, but whatever.).

I am astounded by the wild audacity of nature.

She doesn’t concern herself with conformity; her adornments follow no guidelines. Beauty is beauty, and she gives it to us in abundance with the hope that we’ll actually stop to enjoy it. She is brave and fearless, and is unconcerned about what others think of her often random and confusing decisions.

She’s a rock-star.

She’s an artist.

She’s a poet.

I live in the south, and we love our porches. I have no idea why. I think she has something to do with that. She has the power to drive entire generations toward “quirkiness”.

I proudly profess that I am one of those quirky people. As the weather warms, I’m annoyingly excited about beginning an affair with my front porch. Go ahead and judge me because I don’t care. My cup of coffee and I scoff at such judgement.

The mere thought of walking through rows of hanging baskets and choosing the perfect one literally makes me giddy. The knowledge that I’ll be digging in the dirt soon makes my heart race and puts a big ol’ smile on my face. I’m already planning our first camping trip, complete with our little Maltese, Gizmo, in tow. He loves Mother Nature, too, you know. We share an affinity for trees. But for different reasons, of course.

So I say to others who are feeling the winter blues, buck up because spring is right around the corner! Get out there and revel in the kaleidoscope of colors  that are about to burst forth! Sit on your front porch more often, detractors be damned. Take a walk and tune your ears to the joyous sounds of nature; it’s infectious.

Take a moment to enjoy what Mother Nature has created for you. She has so much to offer and we have a tendency to completely overlook it because we’re so busy. Slow down, take a deep breath, and really open your eyes. This maddening world holds so much beauty; we only have to look to see it.






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