I want off this roller-coaster….

Have you ever had a day (or weeks, in this case) where you think everything has fallen into place, and then your stomach winds up swallowing your eyeballs because you just dropped 250 feet with no warning?

Yeah. Me, too. Just now.

Granted, I’m not the only one on this ride. I have fellow passengers who are screaming “Let me off!”, too.

I need to remember that. Because right now, I want to squeeze my eyes shut and scream. Loudly.

But, I need to be brave and white-knuckle the “oh sh**” bar that is holding me in place. I have to keep my eyes open and be on the look-out for one of those freaking loop-dee-loops that almost always follow a drop.

I can’t let my fellow passengers know that I just peed my pants.

So, I will disguise my screams of terror as shrieks of delight, and explain that I’m crying because the rush of air is making my contacts dry out.

I see a loop-dee-loop coming up.



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