Beginnings (and do-over’s)

So I was supposed to do this yesterday (and I thought I did) but apparently I haven’t figured out how to work this thing yet and my post is lost somewhere in never-never land.

It was a good one, too. But now you’ll never know. And I can’t remember what I wrote.

I still don’t know why I felt compelled to begin this blog, but I am not going to over-analyze it (which is my typical reaction) and simply roll with it.

I have so much “stuff” bouncing around in my brain, and I’m hoping that this will be a good place to get some of that out. I’m not so much concerned with whether others will read it; I just need to get it out there. Maybe, one day, I will come up with something that is interesting to others, but for now this is just for me. So there.


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